Word to the Wise

I’m a bold beautiful woman–
Word to the wise!
It shouldn’t matter at all
My exact size.
I shouldn’t be judged for the
Shape of my thighs,
The marks on my body,
Or the color of my eyes!
You don’t even see me
For all of my tries,
For all of my heartaches,
And all of my cries.
You can’t even imagine
All of the lies
I’ve dealt with in my life with
All my family ties.
And all you can focus on is
I like milkshakes with my fries!
I’m a bold, beautiful woman!
Why can’t you see me?
You see a weak, little girl,
And I get tossed out to sea!
If only you knew my roots
Grew a tree.
If you could understand
The way I see me
Has nothing to do
With what you see.
I see scars of love ripped open,
And stung like a bee.
I see battles conquered,
And demons set free.
I see tears and pain
From finding me!
I see hope and love
And the happiness key.
I’m a bold, beautiful woman
Only I will understand
How to live my own life
According to God’s plan.
Yet, you sit and judge…
You’re far from a fan
Sitting on your pedestal
Like you’re such a big man!
Like you’ve never had a hurt–
Like you’ve never felt–or can.
You’ve never felt trauma
In your life span.
You’ve never had to
Pee in a can,
Or sleep in a car,
Or eat while you stand!
All you know is what you feel
Nevermind giving me a hand!
Who cares…I’ll make it!
I have a great plan!
I’m a bold, beautiful woman!
Copyright © 2017 [Carrie Pottberg]. All Rights Reserved.

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