Fate is a Useless Tool

It all seems clear–
Not black nor white.
It all seems more ethical–
Not wrong nor right.
It all seems endearing–
Without hate or sin.
Just thinking about it
Makes my head spin!
Life’s too complicated
To hold a grudge–
Too fascinating
To not devour fudge–
Too demanding
To think about fate
Because if you let life take over
You begin to hate!
Fate, what is that?
A useless tool!
God has not mistaken
You for a fool!
Believe what you want,
But the design is your choice!
God just wants you
To be his voice,
In all that you do,
To yourself
And to Him be true!
The rest is
Up to you to design–
To build your world
And make it divine.
Copyright © 2017 [Carrie Pottberg]. All Rights Reserved.

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