Wavering Water

This is a poem based on my past trauma. I wrote it 07/20/2016 while I was going through some difficult flashbacks and trying to get my mind straight. I haven’t shared it with anyone until today.


Like a reflection
In wavering water–
The image is clear,
But incomplete.
Like a dark storm cloud
In the sky–
The past streaks
Bright images and
Thunderous pieces
Of a distant, lonely world.
Like a vessel off-course–
I strain to see the future.
I grope around in the dark
Trying to find the lighthouse
That leads me to a brighter
The fog–
Thick and heavy–
Confuses my course.
Will this map
Lead me to my treasure?
Or will the ghosts
Of pirates
Haunt my future?
Copyright © 2017 [Carrie Pottberg]. All Rights Reserved.

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