Spinning My Web of Uncertainty

Fight_Child_Abuse_PosterThis is another one of my poems based on my past trauma. I wrote it 07/12/2016 (the same day as the last poem shared) while I was going through some difficult flashbacks and trying to get my mind straight. I haven’t shared it with anyone until today. This was difficult to get through, but the hardest part is over, and I am doing really well now!

Spinning my Web of Uncertainty

I’m just a baby–
Innocent and needing comfort–
Crying myself
To sleep at night–
I’m just a little girl–
Lost and alone–
Spinning my Web of
I’m just an infant–
With so much to learn
Neurotransmitters gone wild–
I’m just a blur–
With a million shades
Of red, blue, and black–
I’m just an illusion–
An image in the cracked mirror
Waiting for the pieces
To fall into place–
I’m just a girl–
Running for cover
Waiting for the next
Storm to come–
Burying my head
Deep in a hole
And losing myself
In the safety of darkness–
Because being alone
Sometimes feels safer
Than being loved–
Copyright © 2017 [Carrie Pottberg]. All Rights Reserved.

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