Easter Memories– To My Boys

Easter Memories

Easter 2012

To My Boys…

I remember the days
I helped you search for eggs.
You were young and eager.
I miss those moments–
But I am proud
Of what you have become!
Time flies
Like the wings of a hummingbird.
I tear up just thinking about
How you have grown
To be beautiful young men.
I sometimes yearn
For the days when you
Reached your outstretched arms
And cried, “Mama!”
Those days seem like yesterday–
Yet, here you are–
Almost teenagers!
And here I sit–
Not wanting any more time
To pass–
Of watching you grow.

Hunter’s Safety Cards 2017

Copyright © 2017 [Carrie Pottberg]. All Rights Reserved.


2 thoughts on “Easter Memories– To My Boys

  1. HOUSEOFAKIH says:

    I don’t have children, but when I do, I feel like they’ll grow up so fast, I’d just want to stop time! I’m sure that’s exactly how you feel sometimes!

    Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MoveOverOptimist says:

      That’s exactly how I feel! They grow WAY too fast. Plus, I’m divorced. Since they’re boys, I got the younger years and now they want to see what’s it’s like to spend the school year with their dad. It’s difficult for me to only get to see them during the summer. Especially since up until now they have been with me most the year. But, I know that’s something they feel they need to do, and I support them. That’s all I can do to be a good parent. I love them and miss them so much! Thanks for replying! 🙂


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