A Summary Of My Life

Can Be Assembled

In a Medley of Memes:

Take a peek below, and you will see the shortest summary of my life I have ever been able to muster up.

My life is like the tunnel shown in the featured image above– you can see the destination, but somehow it seems to last longer than you expected. I took the picture of the tunnel while we were driving. It’s interesting how it came out so clear, but this is why I decided to use it to go with this particular blog post.

I know it’s been a while since I have visited my awesome, amazing fans. So, I decided since I had time to see what’s going down on my website I would post a poem I wrote today.

First, take a look at the memes, maybe muster up a few laughs, and then…in all seriousness…comes the poem. Maybe it’s not one of my best, but I feel if I try to keep writing even when I’m faced with a shortage of time then I won’t get too rusty.

So, please…DO ENJOY!

And Now For The Featured Presentation…


So many heartaches in my life–
Too much to do, and so much strife!
As the sun disappears to the other side,
I often wonder why I hide.
I live in fear of not enough care,
Or stranded– left completely bare.
I worry if I’ll live to see
The day I’m blessed with grand babies.
I cower in fear of my many mistakes.
But I have to embrace them– they’re what it takes!
I know this, yet, I run and hide
And forget the reasons why I’ve cried.
My life– though not an easy feat
Has made meeting me a crazy treat.
My humor makes me seem as if
I never cried or wiped a sniff,
But my skeletons have made me cry
And question life, the point, and why.
So, here I am coming completely undone.
Why can’t I be more laid back and fun?

Copyright © 2017 [Carrie Pottberg]. All Rights Reserved.


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